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Life at a Glance: Part Two

Like I said, I am making multiple posts, so here is the continuation:

December 13th-19th

This week was a bit more hectic than the last. Just in general, it felt that way. I'm sure that's because I did quite a bit this week, or at least it felt that way too!

I got a forwarded letter from my lawyer from Darrick's. I've decided that I really don't like his lawyer's tone. It's just... threatening. It doesn't need to be. If he's trying to scare me, he's not. He's just simply pissing me off by the tone he implies in his letter. Really, I just want this thing over as much as the next person does. But at the advice of my lawyer, it isn't going to move forward until I'm protected. I definitely agree with that. Hopefully, the document my lawyer prepared was forwarded and signed so we can move on with this. Really, it's starting to get a bit annoying and irritating that this issue is not yet resolved. But, that's enough rambling on that topic.


My father came to visit me while I was at work. We went out to lunch and had a nice time together. He sometimes does that, schedules time to go out to lunch. Only, this time, it's different. I live so far away from him now that it's a bit inconvenient for him to come just to do that! But he did. And that's because he's my dad. I hope he liked the card I sent him for Christmas.

Speaking of cards, I sent out quite a few - at least more than I have any other year. I made sure to personalize each and every one of them. I didn't want to just sign them and send them off. So, I thanked quite a few people for the last year and everything that's happened. Given how so many people supported me and cheered me up with everything that I was going through, I felt it was the least I could do! Most of those went out on Thursday, and then a few more on Friday.


Friday was electricsoup's Movie Night. For a movie night though, I don't think we did much watching of movies! We started to watch Spiderman, but I think we all gravitated downstairs to either play kareokee, or in my case, to watch it. I don't sing. Well, I can sing. I just don't. I'm rather self-conscious about it. Lots of people were there! There was: [Bad username: michael mauzey], dpassmor, Claire, ironman, gwydyn, Diana's sister Julie and her mother Diane, liakela, and Misty's husband Chris, who's LJ handle I don't have. The evening was very, very fun. It was Diana's birthday, so we had cake and she had presents to open. Her mother got her Lemony Snicket's, A Series of Unfortunate Events - the entire boxed set.


I stayed the night at Misty's house awoke to the pitter patter of an excited dog's feet. Sadi is a very sweet dog :) This day we had bluekitsune's cookie party to go to. Almost everyone had yet to make cookies, so everyone spent the better part of the morning making cookies so we could exchange them at SarahScott's party. Yay party! Lots of people arrived for that as well, including adamdray and stephdray. Because we were making cookies for awhile, we arrived a little late. But, who could miss having cookies! There was lots of discussion to be had at the party, from politics, to gaming to knitting. I felt bad because I dozed off. I was really tired from the events of the evening before, and SSB has this big, bright, fluffy pink pillow that's just soooo comfortable. It's evil. Really, it is.

Those of us who arrived late also decided to go out to dinner and to Dave and Buster's later that night, so after socializing a bit and exchanging our cookies we went off in search of Dave and Busters. That proved to be an interesting feat. Traffic on 495 was pure hell. In fact, both Mike and Jesse went a little Office Spacey at the traffic. Traffic stopped for NO REASON. Not even a stopped car on the side of the road. Grarg! But, eventually we got there, parked, got inside and found everyone again. Yay.

The wait for dinner was going to be an hour and a half, so Misty, Diana and Julie decided to go look for another restaurant with a more reasonable wait time. We ended up going to Bertucci's. Yum. I'd never been there before and I loved their Chicken Gratatini (sp?). Very good. I was worried I wouldn't like it. Once dinner was over we went into Dave and Busters. We split ways there. Some of us went to go play the horsie game, while others went to go win prizes and tickets and play pod racer and other fun stuff. I stayed at the horsie game long enough to race each of my horses once, and then left. I even accidentally made a new horse. But, oh well. It'll be raced eventually. I'm sure.

We gave all of our tickets that we won to Diana, who picked out lots of neat stuff from the prize collection area. She got an AirZooka, a stuffed flower and a light ball thingy that I forget the name of, but it pulses to the beat of sound if you set it to that option.


I made sure to get an early start to go home so I could go shopping. I haven't done any shopping yet. In fact, I still haven't. I got distracted and taunted by the movie kiosks at Arundel Mills when I first entered the mall. So... er... I ended up watching Ocean's 12 in lieu of shopping. This does not get me any closer to getting gifts! But, the movie was good. Very good, and was well worth pushing shopping aside. I will get it done. Honest! After that I came home, fixed dinner and settled into watch the parts of EarthSea that I'd missed earlier.

And that concludes my update.


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Dec. 20th, 2004 04:37 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you had fun at le party! That pillow was a present from Steph, Adam, Bill and Leah -- it is wunnermus! We loves it, yes!! I am glad it provided a comfy spot for you. :)

Completely unrelated -- saw this on the Baltimore LJ list and thought of you, dunno what your living situation is looking like these days: http://www.livejournal.com/community/charmcity/164503.html
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