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Late Christmas Update

The last few weeks have been rather busy, leaving me without much energy to actually write any sort of real update. However, now that I have time for it again, I’m going to go ahead and rectify.

Christmas Weekend

Christmas weekend was fairly quiet, but nice in its own way. I finalized my shopping on Christmas Eve. Yes, I was among the crazies who decided to do their final shopping at that time, but I wasn’t certain about what I wanted to get my sisters and their husbands, and I wasn’t certain that I liked what I got for them the night before. There was also the matter of getting things for my father still, so I needed to go out anyway.

I managed to get to Walmart early in the morning, before there were any huge last minute rushes to get final stuff. I got all of the pressies I needed and went back to the house and proceeded to wrap everything, while catching up on my favorite soaps. I neatly organized everything into bags, and then got myself packed and finally trudged over to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to my father’s farm.

Christmas Eve was a nice quiet family evening. I spent the night watching television with my father and my oldest sister, Loretta, while also plugging away on a cross-stitch pattern that I’ve been working on for the last 9 or so years; closer to “or so”. Eventually everyone trundled off to bed, to awake for the next morning.

Christmas Day was just as quiet as Christmas Eve, but in a cheerful sort of sobering way. We ended up watching part of the tape from last year. Dad only managed to get 15 minutes of Christmas Day on tape last year. He’s pretty fanatic about taping all the holidays, especially Christmas. Looking back, it’s kinda nice to have those moments, even if they annoy you at the time that they’re occurring. So, last year – the tape was on me the entire time – and boy was I grumpy! This year, we made him reposition the camera so he got more people. This year, I was also smart enough to sit /below/ the camera so I’m not caught on tape as much. He also switched between myself and my sister Loretta more often. She always stays Christmas Eve into Christmas Day and opens her presents with Dad and I in the morning.

Eventually, everyone else started rolling on in. We exchanged gifts, thanked one another, and gushed over what one another received. It was only my four sisters, the husbands of the three that are married, and one niece and one nephew who came. That’s much smaller than what we usually have as far as turnouts go. Usually, there’s some 15+ people at our Christmas gathering, however most of my nieces and nephews are grown and have families of their own and so have their own little celebrations now. Not like the huge family gathering we used to all have together.

Despite not having a large gathering though, the day went very nicely. I got to be with family, and it was the first time in 8 years that I spent the whole holiday downstairs and not hiding. This made it even more worthwhile, at least for me. Ever since my mother’s death I’d always find some reason to go hide in my room and be away from people, closing myself off from those I love. Progress, even in small forms like this, is always a good thing. I won’t ever be over her, because you cannot ever get over something like that, but at least the hurt and wanting to be away from people is getting lesser and lesser with each passing year. This, I like. It was really good to spend time and catch up with everyone.

So that was Christmas for me. I’ll update for New Years in a new post.


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