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Late New Years Eve Update

The Week Prior

The week before the New Year was pretty quiet. Most of the time, life at the apartment is quiet, which is why I don’t usually write many updates anymore. I get home, I make dinner, I sit down to relax and/or sew and that’s usually it. I’ve gotten back into cross-stitching again, something I used to love when I was younger, and I started working on the pattern that I started just before my mother passed away. It’s a horse carousel, with three horses on it. Rather lovely, just goddamned tedious to do. There’s lots of color changes, which is, in part, why I put it away for so long. The other part was that I just simply wasn’t interested in working on it.

That’s usually how my weeknights go. I don’t go out. I don’t call people – I hate phones. I’ve lost interest in gaming lately – though I am trying to make a concerted effort to RP all of my characters. I think everything that’s happened from the past year has weighed on me so much that all the things I used to enjoy don’t seem quite as important anymore. I’m sure that feeling will pass. So, for the moment I do other things that I enjoy that don’t involve being in front of a computer – like cross-stitching. When time and money permit, I really want to find a place I can go riding, since neither one of my sister’s horses are currently ridable. That’ll be nice to able to do for a change. I haven’t really ridden in 7 years, except for the one time I jousted.

But, on to better, happier topics!

New Years Eve Weekend!

I had an absolute blast. I got to spend New Years Eve with some of my most favorite people in the world. It was nice to do something different than the usual dinner and a movie with my father and my sister, a family tradition that we’ve had forever and a day. This year I decide I wanted to spend NYE with friends, and so I did.

michaelmauzey had a NYE bash at his new place in Virginia. I’ve seen it before in moving madness, but this time it was all decorated and everything was put away. It looked absolutely amazing, and I was rather jealous at his talent and skill at being so decorative. Me, not so much. Lots of other people came too adamdray, stephdray, electricsoup, Misty’s husband Chris, ironman, gwyndyn, bluekitsune, SSB’s sister Meagan, Diana’s sister Julie and her mother Diane, liakela, dpassmor, Claire, taintedanddark and his wife Jen, aninkling, and lots of others who I can’t recall at the moment (or was that it?).

There were conversations all over the place. Sometimes it was hard to keep up. There was also lots of teasing, but the good natured sort. The party had a nice relaxed atmosphere and it was easy to tell that everyone was generally having fun and having a great time. I know I did! It was also very good to see Mark and Jen again, who were visiting Steph and Adam all the way from Canada. They need to come and visit more often! Really, they do!

Most of us stayed the night, and the next morning we went to IHOP for breakfast. Yum. After breakfast we went to Misty’s house because some people hadn’t had a chance to see it yet. Most people went home after seeing Misty’s house. Claire and I went back to Mikey’s place and watched movies for a long while.

The next day I went to SSB’s house to play an impromptu game of D&D with the new party that’s formed. It’s the 1000 Towers group, recently formed. I play a 2nd level Wizard/Rogue named Elisiana. Most of us play siblings. It’s a rather fun and unique group. Jen joined us for the game while she was visiting. We hope that eventually she might be able to play via videocam for future games.

And that was my NYE! I had an absolutely, amazingly wonderful weekend. Thanks to everyone who helped make that possible!


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Jan. 10th, 2005 06:41 pm (UTC)
liakela (Rachel) was there.
Chris is megachrisgt.
Megan is reasdream. =)
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