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Adventures in Knitting

On Sunday, January 9th, I went to electricsoup's house. She was holding a Knitting/Crafting for the homeless party. I vaguely remember how to knit and crochet, things my mother taught me when I was like 8, but they were never skills I actually picked up on. They always confused me. However, now that I'm older and in a crafting mood lately, I found I had a desire to learn. So, I went!

Before I went however, I needed to stop off at Joanne Fabrics locally to get some supplies, yarn and needles and what not. Since I didn't know how to knit I had none of the supplies for it. It would be easier on everyone if I bought my own. I was disappointed to see that it was going out of business, for the exception that it meant that I'd be getting things quite a bit cheaper than anticipated. This means I'll have to search for another nearby craft store, since I only just discovered this one a few months ago. Boo!

After some hard searching to find my supplies, I headed over to Misty's. I managed to find; 4 skeins of yarn and 4 sets of knitting needles of variant sizes, and several books on knitting and crocheting. I got settled into her place quickly and asked them to forgive me because I was a beginner. Sernik jumped in right away and helped me out, teaching me the basics I would need to know to get started.

The scarf I started doing used 2 strands of gray yarn and 1 strand of white, but it was too wide and I ran out of gray yarn. I pulled everything apart and started over. On Friday, I finally finished that scarf. Yay! This weekend I bought 4 one pound rolls of yarn, of variant colors, so I could make a few other things. Right now I'm working on another scarf with pink, purple and white strands that looks really pretty right now. It'd just go much better if I remember the pattern that I'm working on, since I decided to play around with the variant types of stitches.

So, so far, those are my adventures in knitting! I find that I like knitting almost as much as I like cross-stitching. For now, I've put my cross-stitch away to focus on the new knitting project I've started, but it probably won't be long before I have to switch out. I like to change up things a bit so they don't get old and boring.


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