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Tax Relief...

So, it looks like I'll be getting approximately $1,146.00 back in terms of tax refunds. This couldn't have come at a better time really. Most of my worries, depression and concerns have been about money issues this week. Though, most of my worries, depressions and concerns DO come from money issues. I'm already stressing less about whether or not I'll have to ask my father for March Rent, since technically I'd have to give the apartment complex 30 days notice before moving out.

So, here's my personal TO DO list for this next week, and most likely the rest of the month:

* Call Kelly Services and check on the permanent hire status.
* Continue to look into other job opportunities
* Continue 2nd Job Search
* Look into cheaper apartments

I think either checking into the permanent hire status or other job opportunities is important, since the contractual IT person wants to start training me at my current job to start doing daily maintenance on the computers there. This isn't something I would mind at all learning, but I'd rather know my hire status before actually begining to be taught. I don't want start learning something and then leave them in a lurch if I decide I'm taking another job. But then, I always worry too much about stuff like that. I think I still want the 2nd job whether or not the other stuff comes to pass.

Checking into cheaper apartments into this area is just plain smart. If I can find a rent that's low enough, I can very possibly look into getting kitties too. I miss kitties and I need little companions to curl up with me and keep me company.


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