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Lunch with Eric

Today, Eric, my one and only Eastern Shore friend, decided to give me a call and ask me out to lunch today. I agreed. We met up at the Center where I work. He brought his girlfriend Debbie with him. We had the "usual" lunch starter conversation. 'What do you want for lunch?' or 'What do you want to eat?'. Sometimes, I think that's a loaded question. It's like the quintessential thing which somehow breaks down conversation between people. My usual answer. Food. Which is true, that's what I want. Bah :) Anyway, we'd considered Ruby Tuesdays, then we switched to chinese - but House of Hunan was closed, so we went back to Ruby Tuesdays, and all the while Eric kept spouting off different places we could go. How annoying! But so Eric. :) And Debbie, she's very quiet and shy -- very different from the girls I've seen Eric date in the past.

So, we get to Ruby Tuesdays. I recounted what he's missed in the last few weeks. I'd invited him the prior weekend to go with Matt and I to the movies, but he had to go to Pennsylvania early the next morning to do some work for his bosslady, so he couldn't go. And before that, he never returned my call about lunch. I work in Easton and he lives in Oxford - which is only about 10 minutes away from where I work. He got the skivvy on Darrick and his latest happenings. Warned me again that maybe I should get out of the deal with the house - which I'm not yet ready to do - and let me know he was there to support me if I needed it.

We talked about other things too. The up and coming Shadowrun game. He and Debbie are in the group that Darrick, and our mutual friends Tim and Sean, and I are usually play on. Darrick GMs. He gave me the impression he would be there, as would Debbie. Debbie's apparently been looking forward to getting involved in the group a bit more than her one game, with lots of character ideas. We talked about D&D, the other gaming group I was in, and how Darrick didn't show up. And, we talked about life in general. He also inferred that Jennifer, Darrick's new 'significant other' won't be at the house this weekend, because of this or that. Apparently he'd talked to Darrick the day before. Oh! And, he more or less told me that /he/ must be the one to approve of any guys that I decide to "date". Oie. He's dubbed himself my 'unofficial' big brother. Isn't that cute?

It was nice catching up with him. I must make sure that Eric gets out of the house more often and does more. Yes yes. Of course, that's a double edged sword. It's his mission for me too. Heh. The end result? He and Debbie are invited to the party/get together that I'm having next weekend. That should be interesitng, since a large majority of the people coming are those who play on Firan and live in the Maryland area. But, I did assure him that I tried to invite several other non-Firan friends so he's not the sole non-Firan there. Yay!


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Feb. 4th, 2004 03:39 pm (UTC)
*Starting to wonder if he is going to get an invite to this thing Lisa keeps talking about* HEY!!! I am a friend and I am on the eastern shore!!! At least thats where I think I am, Kent Island, drop me a line...
Feb. 4th, 2004 09:04 pm (UTC)
Re: Eastern Shore
Kent Island is indeed on the Eastern Shore. Yep! And you have your invite.
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