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10 Things I've Done You Probably Havent

  1. Unplugged a waffle iron and hit your right arm against the edge, gaining a nearly perfect circle and triangle scar just below my elbow on my upper arm.

  2. Gaining first place in a trail riding event during a horse show simply for listening to the judge and attempting to get my hair out of the way of my number, twice, and getting commended for listening to the judge over the loudspeaker.

  3. Travelling to Scotland with my parents and getting to explore no less than four castles, hidden passages and all in some. Longing to be home so I could eat 'Americanized' food and never being so grateful in my life to see a Burger King for the first time during our journey in our final days right before we were to go home.

  4. Creating a map to 'Unicorn Island' in 4th grade and writing extensive stories about its inhabitants.

  5. Attending the Maryland State Horse Judging Competition as part of the Pony Express 4-H club of Queen Anne's County and having the opportunity to judge real horses in competitive type events and give reasonings for them.

  6. Having the opportunity to be part of a horse drill team that performed in parades and just prior to our county fair - working on synchronized riding patterns with at least 11 other kids.

  7. Being talked into joining a friend in participating in a class in a trapeze school and finding that you really enjoy flying through the air and the freedom and confidence it gives you.... er..... once you get over the fact that you're flying 23 feet above the ground on a tiny bar. And the feeling of accomplishment you get after successfully dismounting in a backflip, even though you've never done a back flip before in your life. (Even if you weren't meant to do that at that time)

  8. Was dumped by my fiance/significant other over the phone, and then lived in the same house with him for at least three to four months with his new girlfriend also living there. Don't ask if you don't already know =P

  9. Riding bareback at the age of three and going out into the field where the pony was with a bucket, without my parents knowledge, putting the bucket on the ground, getting on said pony's back all by myself, and screaming with laughter and having the time of my life the entire time he was running to the barn with me on his back.

  10. Directed a play for my senior thesis in college.


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Feb. 26th, 2005 12:08 am (UTC)
that's terrible, did he actually propose to you or was it just assumed? And you lived in the same house?!
Feb. 27th, 2005 02:56 am (UTC)
No. He proposed. May of 2003. It happened like this. We were sitting in bed at my father's house. He said Lisa, I have a question for you and you might not like it. A horrible lead in. In fact, he was actually going to ask me if I would buy a house with him... which I'd understandably (or not) got upset with him the year before about since I was barely making enough money for my own bills much less purchasing a house.

Instead, he asked me if I'd marry him. I said yes. He seemed surprised both that he asked the question and at my answer, but genuinely happy. He then asked if I'd go in with him on the house.

In fact, while we were house searching, the few times my father went with us to go check things out, he was introducing him as his future father-in-law to the realtors. I had no idea he was doing that, but he was.

Then, boom. Two months later, after we'd bought the house, suddenly he doesn't love me anymore. Then a month after that he moved his girlfriend in. I moved in, in July 2004. By damned the house was mine too and I was gonna live there, just on principle, but for other reasons too. It was the location I wanted to move to, and so I did.

He got mad that I moved in after he assured me it was fine with him if I did. He got even madder that I found a job and was there to stay. And well, the rest his pretty much history.
Feb. 27th, 2005 05:39 pm (UTC)
Wow...didn't that make you uncomfortable to live there? Did you think you could get him back? I've been in a similar situation before and know how it can be.
What about the ring did you have to give it back or did he let you keep it?
It sounds like you may be better off without him...is he still with that other girl?
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