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Weekend Happenings


Friday night I was invited to go to dinner with gwyndyn, her mother, ironman, electricsoup, her husband chris, dpassmor, michaelmauzey, his friend Kate and bluekitsune. We went to Hops and enjoyed a nice evening meal. SSB had to go, so we all met up at Jesse and Diana's house to hang out a bit before doing several other activities. I stayed as long as I could, the had to leave with enough time to spare that I'd get a good night's sleep. I was doing other things with my family the next day.


Saturday my father invited me to go to the Horse World Expo in Harrisburg, PA. We were going to go to this event last month when it was in Timonium, but it snowed lots and we were unable to do so. The facilities in PA blew away anything Maryland had to offer. They were all indoors, so you didn't have to worry about rained out events or anything of the like. They had two huge arenas and a huge room where all the vendors were located. This was only the third year that PA has hosted the Horse World Expo though, so it was pretty packed.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, given the circumstances under which I was there, but felt I could have had a better time. Friday night I had gone to bed with a headache, and woke up with the same headache. It did not go away like I had hoped it would. To top that off, the crowds were so packed in the vendors room that I was getting pushed and shoved right and left, from all directions, and... well... I'm not normally a violent person, but I was having violent thoughts.

I managed to take a break from it all when my father and sister attempted to get drinks. They had a long line they had to stand in, and because my feet were hurting and because I had a headache, I went to go sit down on the floor, since they didn't have many tables set up for lunch time. It was a good 30-45 minutes before they got their drinks. That gave me much time to sit down, relax and destress a bit. Though, part of the time I was going into an emotional overload. Lots of things were catching up with me during a period of time where I was most vulnerable. Lots of bad, dark, niggling thoughts resurfaced that brought about many doubts I have about myself and my future. It was good that I got to sit and unwind a bit. Once the drinks were bought and paid for, I was ready to head out and look at the stuff we missed, and was destressed enough not to be violent with the crowds. This, I think, was a good thing.

On the way home, my father took us to dinner at Cracker Barrel. Good restaurant, good food. I just felt bad because I really didn't want much to eat by the time that we left. I had very little appetite. I ordered a light salad, though my father tried to coax me into getting something more. Light salad was good, just enough to keep me from being snappish. I slept on the way home. By the time I got home, the headache was mostly gone. I was very, very relieved.


Sunday I was invited to go see Constantine with SSB and adamdray. I met them at the AMC theatre in Owings Mills, we got our snacks, and went to watch the movie. I thought it was a good movie. I didn't get all the religious references, but I didn't have to in order to enjoy the story behind it. It was nice to go out and do something quiet with friends. And while there were crowds at the theatre, they were the not run into me bump into me sort of crowds from the day before. Much goodness in that.


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