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Miserably Sick

I was hoping that whatever I caught last weekend would be gone by now, but apparently it's sticking with me. I started to get symptoms on Thursday. I knew right away at lunch time when my sandwich didn't taste right something was wrong, and low and behold I had a fever and headache later.

Friday, I was getting worse, but not so bad that it couldn't be tolerated. I started coughing just a little but, but a little cough always turns into a much bigger cough, and I had a sore throat and fever. I took half a day off of work to go to the doctor and get medicine so I wouldn't be miserable over the weekend but also hoping that whatever meds I got would clear away whatever it was I had in no time.

Bah. Wishful thinking. The weekend wasn't so bad. Saturday I still felt bad, but I wasn't without energy. I still felt ok mostly yesterday too. But today.... today sucks. I tried going to work. Everyone there is sick. Everyone. So, someone in the office infected us. *grump* My boss let me go home early. In fact, he asked me if I didn't want to go ahead and do that several times before I finally decided to do so.

Now, I'm without energy, without appetite, have a fever and a lingering cough that hates my guts. I've been coughing so much today that I literally gave myself a headache that only got worse when the kids got home from school and started playing at the playground outside of my apartment complex.

I'm hungry, tired, mopey, lonely and sick. That is a horrible, horrible combination. So, if anyone out there is reading this, please send good health vibes my way. Pretty please? I don't wanna be sick anymore. Ktnxbye.


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