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So, yeah, the title is a bit cheesey. But, who cares? What matters is this: CopperTodd is coming! Who is CopperTodd? CopperTodd is one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world - well, in college anyway :) CopperTodd is really Rachel Roll - a person who kept me sane during three years of my collegiate life at Washington College. Or is it that I kept her sane? I've lost track really. But she was there for me through thick and thin, even when it seemed like other people were abandoning me. Epecially during my Senior Year - that year was pure hell. The year I found out my mother was dying. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to both her and my friend Lydia - even if I've vowed to never speak to Lydia again. Bah. Long story that. A grudge. We'll leave it at that.

How did she get the nickname CopperTodd? Well, it's silly really. I bought Disney's Fox and the Hound and we watched it together. There's a set of lines in there where Copper asks Todd: Todd, will you be my friend, forever? and... naturally, Todd says: We'll always be friends Copper, forever. And so, thusly she was dubbed CopperTodd and I am ToddCopper. And, er.... if you hear us yelling and squealing and what not, you know why. Just ignore us. Hee!

Bounce bounce bounce! I'm really excited that she and Garth, her significant other, are coming to the party. I've only seen her one other time since college and that was briefly. She was doing work related stuff, we met for lunch, then parted ways. And, she only really lives in Alexandria, VA, so it's not like she's too, too far away. BUT! Even better, our mutal friend Billie might be coming, and it'll then three of the terrible foursome may be reunited. Buahahahahahaha! Watch out world!


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