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Movie Night

I debated off and on Friday whether or not I was going to go to Movie Night at electricsoup's house. I had a full weekend ahead of me, and driving from Maryland to Virginia Friday then again from Virginia to Maryland to Delaware on Saturday was an awful lot of travelling to do. But, I decided in the end the travel time would be more than well worth it, even if I had to attend a wedding later Saturday evening (the Delaware portion of my journey).

I got to Misty's a bit earlier than most other people. Got to meet Sean, their house guest, and the puppies greeted me with much vigor. Packet was competing for highest jumper with Sadie. It was very cute! He reached my waist, I think, when attempting to get my attention.

Someone managed to bring over one of Playstation's new PSPs (Playstation Portables) which caused a massive frenzy over needing to get one, and needing to get one NOW. The guys checked the website for Target, after calling and finding out that Costco and Best Buy were already closed or didn't have any, and discovered that they had exactly 8 left. Seven people piled into David's car and went off to Target and scared a very surprised sales lady in the process when they all piled into the store (or so we were told). They left exactly one PSP in the store, clearing out all the others. Everyone got back, plugged in, and got settled in for the night while their batteries were set to charging. A group upstairs watched Zoolander while a group downstairs watched 28 Days Later.

Me, I drank for the second time in my life. liakela let me have one of her Cranberry Mike's Hard Lemonades, which was pretty good, and michaelmauzey poured me some slightly bubbling and nummy white wine. I think there was mention I should try the Vanilla Rum, but I'm not yet ready to graduate to the rum :) I figure I'll discover "Where has all the rum gone" at a later time. >:)

I left Misty's house early on Saturday morning, spending about an hour chatting with Claire about this and that while I tried to wake up. I toddled out around 9:30 to drive back to my apartment, to let my car cool off and check the water first, before moving on to Maryland. My water levels in my car have been going dangerously low lately, so I've been needing to carry water with me just in case it overheats. Bah. But, the car is old and has been trusty this far. I'm willing to nurse it when it needs to be nursed, especially when I get free work and all I have to do is pay for parts.


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