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It's very rare that I dream about anyone I know. There's only a few instances in my life that I've been known to do that, at least that I can recall anyway. When I was younger, I used to have strange dreams about my mother - and falling into a skating pond and issues surrounding that, despite the fact the most I ever had to skate on as a child was a four inch thick puddle of water that accumulated and froze over in our fields. Now, don't be fooled by the term puddle. While the ice was top of water four inches thick, the surface was likely 25-50 feet in diameter, which was good enough for a 10 year old child to ice skate on for fun. After my mother died, I used to dream about her being on a train, me with her, and somehow we'd survived a train wreck. I also used to dream that she was really still alive, that she'd somehow come back to life or was stashed away by my father and I was afraid that she'd go away again. Some of the dreams I had about her had her going away in hiding to recover for her illness and coming back later to stay with us. I've dreamt once or twice about close friends, and once or twice about Darrick.

Last night my dream had Darrick in it. However, he didn't come into the dream until much, much later down the road. The dream started out with me going to various houses. I suppose I was looking to buy, at least that's the only explaination, even in the dream, that I could come up with. I'd made note of the flaws of each house. After looking I went home. The 'next' day I went back to one particular house. There was some story associated with the house that was fairly vague even within the dream, but it stuck out somewhat within my mind. A realtor was there, a white haired lady, that I followed around. She was telling me about the flaws of the house, which I told her I already knew about. Getting to the living room there was an entertainment center in the far left corner complete with an old green sofa and chair. The paper on the wall before the stairs was peeling off in strips, and was a brighter color green. A bathroom was on the far right side, next to the area the paper was peeling off.

I walked outside of the house and suddenly it was like there was this huge open house going on, with lots of people on the porch. One of the people there was Darrick, puffing on a pipe. I thought to myself, 'Since when did Darrick start smoking?' and was surprised to find him doing that. But I didn't want to be seen by him because for some reason I'd gotten the idea that he might think I was stalking him. I wasn't. I'd been to the house previously and had every right to be there, but that's what I thought. I ran down the porch stairs to my car and jumped in. Someone else jumped in the passenger side door. Some guy whose name I never got. We chatted for a bit, and then I realized I was late for work. I then had the dilemna of attempting to decide if I wanted to go to work or do other stuff for the day. So, I sat around for a little while trying to think up of appropriate excuses, but found that I had gone through all the good ones and using them again would be bad. By that time it was already 1:00 pm and my shift started at 9:30am and so calling them then would seem almost pointless.

Then my phone alarm went off, waking me up. End Dream. Fini.


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