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Wonderfully Beautiful Day

Today is a wonderfully beautiful day. But I already said that didn't I? At work we threw the windows open wide to let in the fresh air and to allow the dust that has settled into the building (it's a construction company, dust happens) to wash away in the spring breeze. We have a nice cross breeze going. Every little while I've been checking the temperature, just to see how warm it's getting. It's gotten as high as 82 degrees in Odenton!

Unfortunately, the breeze is the sort that you want to go home and laze in bed with. You know, the kind that just lazily dances across your body and tickles your skin as you close your eyes and doze. Also, unfortunately, I am stuck at work rather than being able to enjoy the day. However, I relish in the fact that I will get to go home a half hour earlier since my hours changed today. A half hour may not seem like much, but it makes enough difference that the time change was well worth it to me. Today is the first day I start those new hours.

It also means that I'll have enough time to review things and get a real dinner before starting the Olympic event that I'm doing on Firan tonight. I forget which it is at the moment, but if it's like the last two nights, it'll probably end up being another double elimination event. Those take a bit of time to sort out, because of the ties and the fact that everyone essentially has to lose twice before they're knocked out of the competition. That's assuming all of their athletes stay in play until the end of the game and don't have to forfeit because of RL (real life)

Tomorrow I'm going into work for about 2 hours and 15 minutes and then I'm going to the doctor to hopefully take care of this "hack-a-lung" plague I've managed to get this spring. Though, really, whenever I get a cough it takes forever for me to get rid of it. As much as I hate doctors in general, I really like the one I've managed to find. Unfortunately, I live on the Western Shore of Maryland (Baltimore side of the Bay Bridge) and my doctor is on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (Ocean City side of the Bay Bridge). Thankfully it's not that far into the Eastern Shore. Just Centreville, but it's still about a 45 minute drive, regardless. I'm willing to drive that far to go to this doctor. She's very good and she makes me feel comfortable, and being comfortable is most important to me.

Once I'm done with the doctor, I have the rest of the afternoon off. Hopefully, though, she'll give me stuff that will make the plague go away. I really need it to go away. This hacking left and right has started to really wear on me, not just physically but mentally as well. Just when I think I'm getting better, the next few days I'm as bad off as I can be, then I get better again. It's like my body is playing tricks with my mind. I don't really need that. My mind plays enough tricks on its own without aid.

What I'd really like to be doing today is going to my father's house, grabbing the bicycle I got last year, and going riding. Or, finding a stable and riding. I miss my horse. This would have been a perfect day to go home, get Whinney, my sorrel Quarterhorse Morgan mixed mare, tacked up and ride around the five mile "block". That was the smallest "block" of land with road space in our area that wrapped around back to our property. The other one was closer to eight miles. I never did the other one. This one was more interesting anyway, even if I did ride it the same way all the time. And that's only if I didn't deviate from the road to travel through the farmlands, woods and streams.

Boy how Whinney did love to splash through the streams. Sometimes it took me five minutes just to get her to stop pawing at the water with her hooves, and splashing me in the process, to get her moving again. She loved playing in the water. I loved riding through the woods and seeing the new growth that had appeared for the spring. Except, I could have done without any new thorn bushes. It was also the best time because the bugs for the summer season, like biting sheep flies, were not yet out. You could ride without being hindered. I miss the soft creaking of the saddle and the smell of leather and loam. I shall have to find a riding stable now that I have a little bit of money that I can put into that luxary now.

For now though, I will go home when the day is over and open my windows wide, so those soft, lazy breeze can dance into my apartment and take all the sick germs out and replace them with fresh spring time air.


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