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Past Weekend Events

I know, this comes later than the weekend, but I've been wanting to write something up about last weekend anyway. So here goes:

Saturday, April 2, 2005

Saturday I went to adamdray's house to play a game called My Life with Master. It's a Horror RPG game. Others were there as well: bluekitsune, dpassmor and his girlfriend Claire. The first thing we had to do was decide who our 'Master' was. We decided he was some scientiest who was ill and dying and needed to discover a potion or secret to living long. The Townespeople were supposed to have that secret, a fountain of youth, but in the meantime we were using children to make an elixir which kept the good Dr. Forrester alive. David played someone who could always kill anyone, except who his master told him point blank to kill. I played a character who was mute, except when she was talking with puppets, Claire played someone who could embezzle any sort of money unless it was going to children and SarahScott played a failed doctor who's strengths and weaknesses I forget at the moment.

Each scene was round/turn based, but with lots of cuts back and forth if we wanted to bring other characters into it. The further we got into the scene the sicker an twisted the game became. It was great! It was a nice diversion from the usual games I played and we had a grand time. Lots of laughter involved at how imaginative we all became over the course of the night. After the game we watched the season ending of BattleStar Gallactica and then it was time to go. Lots of fun.

Sunday, April 3, 2005

Sunday a bunch of us had planned on going to see Sin City in Owings Mills. I met Adam, SarahScott and aninkling at the AMC to watch the movie. The movie was pretty good. There were some gory moments but no worse than what you'd see in comic books really. It had a nice sort of film noir look to it. Black and white with a bit of color and of course very melodramatic. I was surprised to see Alexis Bedel in it, for those of you who watch Gilmore Girls, that's Rory, Lorelei's daughter :) She was a bad, bad girl :)

And, that was my weekend. Pretty fun all in all. I wouldn't mind going to see Sin City again with those that couldn't make it though. Good movie.


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