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Shadowrun Weekend Eventing

So, it turns out that Eric didn't come over this weekend. In fact, he went and helped is brother with something or another. I'm decidedly angry - well, maybe not angry, but slightly seething, at Eric for deceiving me. Bah! :) I was looking forward to his intelligent wit at the game. He helps get us out of the messy spots we usually put ourselves into, and I was rather curious at what sort of character Debbie intended to play. She was rather nervous and timid during her first SR game.

This weekend was odd. First, Jennifer wasn't there, so that meant that Darrick and I were alone to talk if we wanted. We did talk, but I think this weekend rather than dealing with any issues we might have had with anything, we just skirted around them. I don't think my having stayed away from the house helped our communcations any. But, at the same time I really didn't want to confront him and her together. Not only is it rude on his part, but it's not a situation I really want to deal with. So, I'm running, in my own fashion.

People at work can't understand why I don't get incensed and put her out of the house, or why I don't set things straight, or why I let him walk all over me like that. I guess I don't see things the way they do. Often, I wish I was the type of person who could do the things they say they would do, but honestly - I'm not. I'm me. Even though that's no explaination at all, really that's the only way I can explain things. I'm a non-confrontational sort of person and while I'm very frustrated with everything, I think mostly I'm still as confused as ever. But, at least I'm not hurting anymore. That is always a plus.

I was once asked what I would do if Darrick decided he wanted me back. Honestly? I'd say thanks for the offer, but no thanks. I think, fundamentally, there's a trust between us that's been broken and can't ever be gotten back. I'll always care for him and consider him a dear friend, but it'll never go beyond that. He surpried me though, expressing interest in the party that I intend to have. I haven't hidden it from him. He's known from the get go. He'll be home that night, as I mentioned before, but he's also asked if I needed help. Bunk beds set up, food, anything. I could call him or email him if I wanted. I expressed gratitude, but had much thinking to do. I did at least ask him to set up the extra bed that we have. My room is still 3/4 painted white and 1/4 that ugly blue. I haven't been ambitious enough to actually go in and finish painting the primer coat of white. I'm actually in no hurry. So, that means the guest bedroom will be freed to use for... well... guests! Just, the mattress is a bit lumpy. I might switch it out for mine temporarily so my guests are at least comfortable! I have no qualms sleeping on a lumpy mattress.

As for the game? Well, it was a surprising thing. Tim, Sean and I managed to get through the night alive - which is always a cause for celebration. And, we actually had the rare opportunity to do more than shoot guns at things, or cast spells at people to get our butts out of trouble. It was fun, overall. That, and now we've got a mystery to solve.


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