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General Update

So I haven't done a real update in awhile. That's because I've been lazy lately, and most of that is because I've had lethargic blahs off and on part of the week. I've been fine, and then it'll hit me - feeling particularly drained when I haven't done much of anything at all, like watching television. That doesn't leave much room for writing or other inspirational things that I like to do. So I'll see what I can do about getting caught up over the last few weeks.

Last Weekend

On Friday night I was poked by aninkling to go out to dinner. She let me know others could come, but she really wanted to get out of the house. I concurred so we figured out where we wanted to go, and then I buzzed a few other people, getting them together for an impromptu night out. I managed to scrounge up bluekitsune, adamdray and stephdray, getting them to join us. The others I'd contacted had already had plans for the night, from what I was told. We went to HOPs for dinner and had an amazing time just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying ourselves. We chatted for quite awhile and then we each went our separate ways.

Saturday I went to Steph and Adam's house to help them with some political campaigning, then we started a game: My Life with Mr. President, which is a political bent with My Life with Master. SarahScott, myself, ironman, gwyndyn, dpassmor and rogersmycat were all there for that. A bit later michaelmauzey came along to hang out with us while we were gaming and then he and Diana and Jesse went out to see Sin City.

The game was fun, and it'll certainly be interesting to see where things go from what we've started. I'm a bit out of my league in the game, because I don't follow politics, like... at all... but I figure it's just fun to be there to see what happens and just enjoy myself, which I certainly did. After the game those of us remaining hung out at Steph and Adam's and watched some movies. We ended up camping out for the night.

Sunday, SarahScott and I went to the mall and did some shopping at H&M, one of our favorite stores. I managed to get a load of very nice shirts for a somewhat reasonable price. I was very, very pleased since that means I have new clothes to show off now. Yay! I haven't had any new clothes for a long while since I've been scrimping and saving where I can.

This Weekend

Friday I had another impromptu dinner with Steph, Adam and SarahScott. We ended up going back to Hops. Nummy food there. This time instead of their Jamaican steak I got their ribs. Though, the service was a bit off this time from last week. It seemed our waiter was more interested in putting together tables for a large party than he was about us. He forgot about us and some dinner items that were supposed to be part of our meals. Though, he felt so bad that he gave us desserts for free, for those of us that wanted them. Which, in retrospect, that was pretty nice of him. Steph brought a skirt for me to try because she was lied to about the size. Bright red. It fit, and so I took it home to try it with this cute little shirt that I bought last week. I haven't tried it yet, but I will.

Saturday I spent the day with Melissa and Claire. We went shopping for fabric for FiranCon costumes. Melissa found a nice forest green material for her stola with a patterned gray material for her palla, and she got some precious pearl clasps to hold it together. She also had pretty white beads and a green and gold trim. I got a dark blue, though not at all navy, bit of fabric for my stola and a patterned white fabric for my palla. Very pretty combination. I found blue and gold trim and some nice white and gold beads. I found some very greco/roman buttons to pin together the stola, that work very well with the patterned items I've chosen.

Afterwards we hung out at Dave and Claire's and watched Spanglish. Melissa and I talked briefly about the potential possibility of moving in together again, and Claire helped us search various apartment houses online. Nothing is definite, but it doesn't hurt to look every now and again. I still like the solitude of living alone, but not having so many expenses would be a great thing as well. We'll see.

So far, that's been my weekend and I'm pretty sure nothing exciting or noteworthy will happen today.


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