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Computer Hell...

Yesterday at work was not particularly fun. It was a day of sitting around and basically doing nothing at all. Some people might find that fun, but when I say doing nothing... I do really mean doing nothing.

They took down the server for our system on Tuesday. There was a power outtage, wind had done something to the lines or some such, so the tech couldn't finish doing what he needed. I got to go home early on Tuesday as a result since we had no power and everything at work needs power to work, including our phones (they are network based, not landlines). The techs took the server with them to finish up because power was needed for the last little bits.

Pan to Wednesday, yesterday, when I get into work. Not only is the server still not working, but they've also taken my computer because stuff backs up to it. So, we sat around for awhile and learned that the server crashed after they attempted to install a raid to make it into a real server, not the makeshift thing the first tech that got fired rigged it into. Apparently she had changed some of the start up parameters and that seriously fucked the computer up.

So, at 10:00 the tech there took the computer back to the shop again and we were told it'd be done in 2 hours. Well.... it wasn't. In fact the tech didn't come back until MUCH later in the afternoon and it was only to switch out my bosses computer to become the server, using the backups that were supposed to have been done on my computer.

Switch to that. Tech says there's nothing on the CD. I say impossible. I put the CD into my computer and bring it up. Sure enough there's stuff there, but the other computer doesn't have the Backup My PC software (which we have a disk for). However, the last backed up date was 3/22/05 - which was around the time that our second hired and fired tech had left. So, something got screwed up somewhere along the lines. No biggie. So all the user files on the server /might/ be lost, but there's still ACT data files mirrored directly to my computer. Wrong. /Those/ stopped working on 4/18/05. Argh!

Anyway, they think they can recover the data from the server hard drive. It was only the OS that failed. All of our banking records, all of our customer files, everything was on that HD. I'm not sure what will happen if they have to recover over a month's worth of information as far as the banking records go. The database itself is only a week and a half old, but even that is a huge amount of work to plug back into the computer. Lots of services will have gotten lost. Hopefully... hopefully the HD is recoverable. If not. Ugh.


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