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I Hate My Car

The title says it all. I went visiting someone yesterday and it decided to overheat and spill out all the water and antifreeze. We couldn't figure out what was wrong or why it did it. I get home today and there's a crack in the patch my father made for my radiator water resevoir. It's tiny so I can get back and forth to work just fine, I hope. But we'll see. I have two containers filled with water and antifreeze and I was able to get home today without mishap.

I think a combination of things lead to the problem. Yesterday it was hot and I kept getting stuck in mad, bad traffic so had to keep stopping and starting and I used my air conditioner. The fact that I had very little trouble getting home seems to back that up that those were all leading factors.

I'll be going home again on Saturday to have my father look at things and fix the car. Or rather, repatch the work that he did before. He said he did it hastily last time and until yesterday I hadn't had any problems. But me, I always keep spare water and antifreeze with me just in case. I don't trust replacement parts and my car tends to overheat more often than not on occassion.

Bleh. If I seriously could afford to get a new car I would. But I can't, so this will have to do.


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