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Weekend from Hell....

Given how upsetting last weekend was for me, I had to wait a bit ot write about it. So here goes.


Work as usual. When everyone left I attempted to implement some changes to our client database. Changes the boss wanted. In the midst of doing those changes, the program locked up and I had to end program to get out of it. Bad idea. The program was fried -- or so it seemed. I called Matt, someone in the office, he said leave it to Monday so I did. I didn't like doing that, but I did. On top of it all I left my phone at work, which I really needed for Saturday. I zipped off an email to Matt who said he'd been there on Saturday. I needed to know when so I could go and get it.


Saturday I had to go to my Father's house to get my car fixed. The water resevoir had cracked again and the week prior to that my car had over heated at a friend's house. We think it was because of the crack in the resevoir. First I had to get my phone though, because there was no way I was gonna drive to home (an hour long drive) without a phone in case something happened. Got the phone, went home, got home, got a note.

Lisa, went to Easton, be back at noon.

I was /supposed/ to get there early so we could get the car fixed. I guess my father forgot. I was there at 9:00 am and well, had to wait 3 hours for them to get back. He had good intentions though -- he was trying to find a water resevoir but came up empty handed. When he got back, we had to go back to Kent Island to get some Marine-Tek to repair the resevoir until we could get a new one. Got lunch, came back, he set it up and everything.

The real trouble occured when I got home though. I pulled up to the apartment building, backed in, got out of the car and saw white stuff billowing out of my car. My thought was -- oh great, it's overheating again and there was no indication on the engine monitor AGAIN (there was no indication a couple of weeks ago either). So, I popped the hood.

Was it overheating? Yes and no. The engine wasn't over heating, but it was being heated! A fire had ignited itself within my car! *muttergrumblegroan* I HATE MY CAR! Thinking quickly, I grabbed the water bottle I had in my car and doused it as much as I could. Saw flames still coming off the engine, dashed into the apartment and refilled my bottle and filled the closest, largest container I could find -- a bowl. I dashed back out and while the fire seemd out I poured all the contents of the water on it just in case. You never know!

I waited about an hour -- mostly because I was crumpled in a ball and didn't want to move -- and went back outside to check on the car. I could still hear crackling so called the Fire Department to check things out. They sent a HUGE fire truck out to see me -- and the kids were all like FIRE TRUCK! over by the play ground. Very embarrasing! They checked things out and discovered the live battery wire was frayed and touched the ground, which was also frayed, and that's what sparked the fire. Told me to replace the cables.


Dad comes up Sunday to help with the car. He used to be a mechanic so knows all about fixing stuff (though the more modern/computerized cars boggle him). He decided to only get one cable for the car. I continuously questioned that decision given what the fire guys had said, but he stubbornly insisted that only the live cable needed replacing. Okay. What was I to say? He's the experienced mechanic right? So, we got that replaced. But me, in my inifinite fear that something else would break, stayed home all day. I couldn't fathom going out even though I desperately needed to do some shopping. On top of that I also missed bluekitsune's triathlon, which I'd promised to go see. Was very put out by missing it :/


Monday I had the great battle with the Database again. After spending nearly 3-4 hours with the ACT Tech Support hotline and discovering that they were idiots, and simply wanted us to send our database off and spend thousands of dollars for their techs to go over it, I was told to talk to someone else. That someone else got our database fixed. It was locked in the admin mode and wouldn't let anyone in. We needed to reboot the server, but I had to go through various scan and repair and maintenance options to make sure it was safe to use again. Was at work getting this stuff done until 7:42 in the evening. Late night. Didn't feel like I left.

And yesterday, the least of my problems but still makes me feel somewhat cursed, I managed to cut my finger with lead tip of my mechanical pencil. Owwie! Hurts. Whimper. Pain.

Anyone wanna trade places?

Though, there is much high hope that this weekend coming up, FiranCon, will more than make up for the trouble of last weekend.


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