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LONG Update

I haven't been really good about keeping my live journal up to date lately. I figured most people didn't want a play by play about me waking up in the morning, getting ready for work, going to work, coming home and dropping on the sofa to watch TV or jumping on the computer to play games. Somewhere in there lunch and dinner get fit into things, as I don't eat breakfast -- on most occassions. That's pretty much how my life goes daily, with exception to weekends where a combination of things could happen: my car breaks down and I go to visit my father to fix it, I get invited out for dinner or go visiting friends.

There's been a combination of those happening over the last few weeks or so, I just haven't made the time to write that stuff up and post it.

Several weeks ago ironman had a birthday part, sponsored by electricsoup. I attended the party along with several others: megachrisgt, gwyndyn, michaelmauzey and a few others. We laughed, we chatted, we had loads of fun. Jesse's goal was to try and get me drunk, but alas that did not happen. I managed to have 5 alcoholic beverages, intermixed with lots of water, that night. That was a record for me. Previously, my record was 3 alcholic beverages. He kept trying to get me to drink more -- but I think my stomach protested that it'd had enough liquids for the evening. I wasn't taking any chances on hangoverness or headaches or stomach illnesses -- which I've yet to get so far. Smart drinking = Good.

Fourth of July weekend was adamdray's celebration for his birthday. He held AdamCon -- a whole weekend of games and fun for everyone! It started on Friday and lasted until Monday. Lots of people attended that too: stephdray, dpassmor, rogersmycat, jon_ezra, his mother Susan, his brother Dan and their friend Jon, aninkling, Jesse, Diana, Chris, Misty, bluekitsune, kralentor and Mike! The weekend was very enjoyable.

I managed to get into a somewhat roudy game of Taboo on Saturday with Paul, Jon, Steph, Claire, Susan, OtherJon, and Dan. Let me just say that I hate having to think so quickly on my feet! I'm not very good at it, and Paul loved buzzing people who got things wrong :) Later that night I ran a Shadowrun game that lasted long into the week hours of the morning, with Dan, Jon, OtherJon, Jesse and Mike. There were some slow moments, but I think everyone had a very enjoyable time.

Sunday morning was fraught with decisions on where we should go for breakfast, and eventually we decided to go to the diner again - like the previous morning. The waitress had me a bit worried, but everything turned out fine in the end. I had to leave for other plans and didn't get to say goodbye to everyone before doing so. I had to go home briefly on Sunday. My father was having his 4th picnic on the 3rd. So, I travelled to the Eastern Shore for a few hours to be with my Dad, my sister Loretta, and my sister Sherry - who brought along her children and grandchildren. My other two sisters and their families did not come. While it was nice to see everyone, it did not last long. Not long after I got there Sherry and the others left, leaving just me, Loretta and Dad. Every year these family celebrations get smaller and smaller, and more disappointing. The only reason I bother anymore is because I /know/ how much it means to my father to have us all there. Though, I was seriously thinking about cancelling. I'm glad I didn't though. We got to talk for a bit, and then eventually I rolled out.

For me, Sunday night was spent watching movies and simply hanging out. We got Chinese for dinner and vegged out. It was a nice, quiet relaxing evening. Monday morning most everyone else had to go, leaving just Adam, Steph, SSB and I to enjoy the rest of the 4th of July together. We went out to lunch and bought dinner for the evening, and watched more movies. I didn't want it to end, mostly because that would mean SSB would be moving away the next day.

This past weekend I had lots of unexpected things happening. I found the radiator leak, I thought, with my car. So, Saturday was spent getting parts, finding out the transmission cooler line needed replacing too, and running around the small town of Centreville to find out if they had the things we needed. They didn't, naturally. I got there at 10 am expecting to only be home with my dad for a few scant hours, only to leave there around 5 pm. I had lots of things I wanted to do, but didn't get done.

Friday night, to backtrack, I decided to rearrange my entire apartment. I'm not happy with it, but it seems that for now what I have will do. I'll make changes later as I see I need them. I managed to hurt my lower back a bit in the process so I don't want to push things too much.

Sunday I went up to Steph and Adam's house to get their old kitchen table, replacing my older, 70's retro pine table with something much nicer. I hadn't known that there were other plans afoot, and so what I thought was going to be a trip up and back turned out to be, pleasantly, a longer stay. We went out to dinner at a new Chinese Restaurant in their area which was very nummy, and then went to go see Bewitched. It was a very nice movie, and done very tastefully, taking nothing away from the integrity of the old show. When we got back, Steph's kitten charmed me into picking him up and being cuddled, until something started him. He has a nice little purr motor! Eventually Jesse and I had to load up the table and bring it back, where we had a small adventure in getting it into my apartment, but everything worked out in the end.

And so far, that's been my life, till today. We'll see how things progress in the future!


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Jul. 15th, 2005 12:09 am (UTC)
       Nice to hear from you, hon.

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