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On Old Friends...

Yesterday at work I got a call from my mom's best friend, Sis. Short for Cecelia. Sis is like family to me. A much older sister. She and my mother grew up together from the time that they were very little, and have had many hardships together. She has more stories about my mother than I could ever recount, and all the crazy things they used to do together. She lived at our house for something like 2-3 years while she was sorting out her own life, and we became very close. We are banana split buddies!

Today, for her, is even more horrible for me. She buried her one of her five sons this time last year today. Where my mother had five little girls, Sis had five little boys. It's odd how that worked out, but it did.

We talked for at least 45 minutes yesterday and she mentioned how she wanted to go to Ocean City, MD to visit with family. I encouragd her to do so, so she would not be alone. I think it's important to be surrounded by family and friends on a day that's so horribly significant as this. She'd mentioned she hurt her hip and she wanted to stop my my mother's place this weekend to visit and to rest so she could break up the trip, and asked if I would be there. Sadly, I won't.

This morning I got an email from my father:

Your insurance bill is attached.
Sis stopped by around 10:00 last night and left about 11:45.

I'm glad to hear that she not only went to Ocean City, but that she stopped off at my dad's house on the way. It's been almost nine years since she and my father spoke, and while I tried to encourage them both to call one another, neither would. There was a supposed falling out between the two of them. My father doesn't recall ever saying the things that the others claim he did.

In anycase, I think the visit was good for the both of them -- or at least I hope it was.


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