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Up and Coming Decisions

I have decided that it is probably time I terminate my lease with my apartment complex. However, the downfall is that I have to give them 60 days notice in order to do so. And, if I read my contract correctly, this means I'm stuck in the apartment until the end of October, which will essentially, without doing anything extra, completely exhaust what I have left in my savings.

Currently I pay $848 a month in rent and approximately $750 in bills. This leaves for nothing extra, not for groceries, not for gas, not for anything. I am approximately -$60 to -$100 in the hole each month because I have to siphon off funds from my piddly savings, which is almost extinct, to pay for extras, food, and necessities if I want to pay my credit cards down. The cards are maxed.

What I see I need to do in the near, foreseeable future, is proactively get that second job I keep talking about it. /BE/ proactive in doing it. Not just talk about it. This will happen starting tomorrow, the looking for extra work. The results, well... that will depend on the companies that I apply to. I need to find places that offer night jobs first, that'll be the hardest part for me, and then I'll need to interview. The next hardest part for me.

I need to do this for two reasons, even if I put in my notice to vacate. I want to stop the draining my savings and I want to start putting money back into my savings. The only way that I can do this is if I have a positive income flow and not something that allows me to break even each month, just getting by, and hoping that I have enough on my credit card to sustain me through the next month after I've paid bills. That's not going to work anymore.

After that come the hard decisions, deciding what to do once I give the notice to vacate -- which I will be doing coming September 1st. Those options include:

1) Finding a cheaper place to live, preferably with utilities included, but that's HARD to do. I've seen cheaper places for single bedroom units in one of the local papers, sometimes even a cottage all to oneself, so I know that goal is obtainable. I won't be able to save as much, but I'd have a place to myself. It's ideal for me, but I'd have to make certain it's affordable and I could still save money. Not be a money drain.

2) Find roommates and move into a place together. The drawback to that is I'm a very solitary creature who often ebbs off of other people's emotions. I'm very empathic. I need a space that I can runaway to and be away from people so I can destress. I've also done the roommate scene at college, and it wasn't the most ideal situation for me. But, if it's the better of the options, then it's something I'll certainly consider. Paying $500.00 a month plus utilities is what I'm looking at, though ideally, we could find a place that has utilities included in the rent. Again, still HARD to do.

3) Going back to the Eastern Shore and moving in with my dad. The drawback to that is same old same old. I have little privacy, and I'm daddy's little girl that he's always going to want to protect. However, I think he understands that I've done a lot of growing over the last year or so, so maybe he won't treat me like that anymore. I'd be able to save at least $800, if not more, a month and approximately $9600 a year. Even if I couldn't put a down payment in a house, I'd have the settlement fees and maybe the first month of a mortgage payment covered. Getting a house would be the most ideal option for me, but I'm just not able to do it right now. No money for settlement costs, and credit card bills maxed. Though, I'd probably have the cards rolled into the mortgage and paid off, then cancelled.

The other drawbacks is that I would not see the people I've come to love on /this/ side of the bridge as often. No more impromptu meetings at so and so's house, no more impromptu dinners, no more impromptu movies. It'd be a huge cultural change for me. I'd miss everyone sorely, and some just a bit more than others.

Right now, I'm at an impasse. I'm not certain which option is the best for me to take. The latter option will offer me the most benefit since I won't have rent or utilities to pay, save for my internet account and the addition of the extra phone line again (ugh, dialup, how I loathe thee). It's certainly a lot to think about, and I have at least until the middle of September to make any definite decisions one way or another. We'll see how things go.

Who knows? Maybe I may win the lottery before then? One can hope anyway :P


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Aug. 5th, 2005 04:37 am (UTC)
OMG!!! You pay that much in rent! WOW!!! THats crazy! Here you can get a 1 bdr for $400
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