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Didn't Wanna Wake Up....

Yesterday morning I really didn’t want to wake up. I had a really good dream that I just wanted to keep going on and on. I wrote down the basics earlier so I could write up this post later, and recount my dream without forgetting about it. It seems to have helped, which is goodness. Recalling it makes me smile. So, here goes:

I was driving in my car trying to find a place to park. This sleek black car came rushing past and pulled up in the valet section. I rolled my eyes and kept moving to park. Found a good spot, got out and walked toward the shopping center; a posh place that caters mostly to those with wealth that, for some reason or another, I loved looking over from time to time. When I walked up to the shopping center, there was this guy arguing with one of the valets. He looked at me and said, “Can you believe it? They revoked my valet privileges.”

I thought to myself, “What a sad sap. It must be nice to only have to worry about your valet parking being revoked.”

I kept on going, entering the complex. He followed, but went a different direction than me. I went to the store in the back of the complex where they often sold imported goods. I looked over the pillow section, because for some reason I absolutely adored that section of the store. Since I wasn’t really there to buy anything, I moved onto a smaller shop that specialized in carved selections. Some of them were very detailed and rather magnificent.

The time came for me to return home and on my way out I managed to spot the guy again. He was leaving through the front door, so I choose to leave through one of the side entrances to avoid running into him. The last thing I wanted was to speak to him, really. Fate seemed to have a different thing in mind for me, for he followed afterwards.

“Would you like to join me?” he’d asked. He was dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans. He had green eyes and short, wavy blonde hair. His eyes sparkled with mischief at his question.

He’d caught me off guard. I really didn’t want to talk to him, much less go with him, but looking at him my heart had skipped a beat. Impulsively I said, “Sure.”

He took my hand at that moment and we ran down the street together. We’d stopped after a little bit to catch our breath, and then we just walked along for a little while in silence. We didn’t really need to speak, because it was clear we were enjoying each other’s company.

We heard sirens in the distance, which we ignored at first. We kept going. It soon became clear that the sirens were meant for us, or rather me, or something. I remember being really confused and that he’d put me behind him and yelled, “Don’t shoot, she’s with me!”

Somewhere in there I’d managed to escape into a nearby abandoned building. I was chased by the authorities, and something else. I think it was a rabid cat or some animal that’d gotten loose. I was more afraid of the animal than I was of the police. I’d gotten through the building to the other side. Once I escaped its confines, I heard shots fired, and turned around. They had killed whatever the animal was.

The guy’s parents were waiting for me on the other side. He and I were ushered into their car where we were driven back to the shopping complex. The whole drive back they argued about how I wasn’t good for him, and he argued back that I was somehow the best thing that’d ever happened to him. Me? I kept quiet. I’d only just met him so I really didn’t have much to say about the matter. Though, I knew felt safe and happy with him, which felt really nice.

His parents turned out to be very influential people in the town. They owned the shopping complex, which somehow made the whole valet thing make sense. They eventually calmed down, after one pointed out that the other married for love and not money. Why marriage came into the picture, I wasn’t sure, though the guy was arguing very heavily that he had a right to choose who he wanted to spend his life with.

We’d gone in and out of meetings, and somewhere, along the sidelines, I’d picked up a friend who was keeping me company; a dark haired girl who followed me around. I don’t recall who she was, just that she was a friend of mine. The guy had to go off and do a few things, find work I think to prove something to his parents, but eventually came back. We were going to go out again to do a few things, but that’s where my alarm went off and I had to wake up.

I really would have preferred to join the same dream again tonight, but given I have no talent for lucid dreaming and controlling my dreams, that just didn’t happen. Instead, I got mixed up in some other on again, off again, crazy madness that I barely even recall.


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Aug. 30th, 2005 12:17 am (UTC)
*smiles* What a sweet dream.

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