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Maryland State Fair

Today I went to the Maryland State Fair with my father. It's the local yearly statewide fair that farmers and other agricultural organizations attend to celebrate their year's worth of efforts in the farming community -- plus you have other typical fair events, like rides, and animals and what not.

Best things about fair:

The adorable baby ducklings. I just wanted to crawl into their cage and cuddle up with them. They were all wiggly and shakey and mischievous.

The candy booth. I managed to get Chocolate Twizlers for my father and sister, which I forgot to give to them, strawberry string licorice, cherry and grape salt water taffy, lots of caramel creams and cinnamon imps. This year I skipped the gummy bears because I had a budget. It was pricey, but worth it since I make the candy last a long while.

Bad things about fair:

The 13 ft albino python. Coulda done without seeing that. The guy from Animal Planet cheerfully brought it out, and then my sister Loretta boasted that she used to have two of them: a female and a male. Bonnie and Clyde. *shudder*

What I really wanted to see at that stand was the baby tiger kitty or leopard or whatever it was. *sniff* He put that away as he were walking up to take out that damn bloody snake! Boo. Hiss!

Today was absolutely gorgeous and beautiful out. Glad I got to go out and enjoy it.

Also saw my first live thoroughbred horse race. They have them at Timonium Fair Grounds for free during the week of the Fair. Only time they hold them at Timonium, so says my father.

And that was my day :)


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Aug. 28th, 2005 09:36 am (UTC)
Not that I didn't have an absolute blast most of the afternoon while staying on campus...would you believe I had the option of going to that today. :-P
Aug. 28th, 2005 11:54 am (UTC)
The Fair is happening all week long. There's all sorts of competitions going on for members of Maryland, but more importantly, for you, there's rides, games, amusement enjoyments, and things to see. Even free stuff! If you get a chance, you should go.

It costs about $6 to get in. If you park behind the fairgrounds, where the race track is, it's also about $2 for the carload, not per person, to park.

I think maybe next year I'll enter something crafty in the fair. I always loved, as a child, getting the cash prizes for the things that I'd gotten ribbons on. It's a nice boost of extra cash.
Aug. 28th, 2005 07:35 pm (UTC)
Sounds interesting. But, a) I don't have a car, and b) There's a bunch of stuff to do still before classes start on Wednesday...and then classes have started. :-P

I'll keep it in mind, though. :-)
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