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Addicted to GallopRacer 2004

I’ve been addicted to this ever since I bought it, but I’d put it away for a long while. I’ve picked it back up again to start playing, and I’m once more addicted. Horsies! It’s not DOCWE but it is a nice game to be able to play from the comfort of my own home. I’d prefer DOCWE to Gallop Racer, but now that I’ve figured out a few more things with Gallop Racer, I’m happier. Plus, it helps to know that I know someone who has the manual now, so I can possibly tap them on the shoulder from time to time to look something up for me.

I bought my copy brand new from EB Games in Dover, DE around Xmas time last year and they failed to give me my manual. They knew it was somewhere in the store and were going to mail it to me. They found it, called me, I gave them my address, and I’ve never seen hide nor hair of it since, and on top of that I’ve lost the number. I figured there’d be a website with the information, there usually is, so I wasn’t too worried about it. Well, the website is in Japanese – it’s a Japanese game – so I’m unable to read it. The Americanized version has the link for buying the game, but no manual link posted like it has for several other games. So, until now, I’ve been relying on the various gaming web boards, when I’ve played, to find out information on how to play.

These past few days I’ve managed to win two G1 races! Yay me! I consider that a feat given that I’ve not played it since January of this year. Go me! I finally managed to earn 100,000 gold and got myself a new posh crib with my starting character. Looking forward to winning more races.


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