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Valentines Bah Humbug

I think the title says it all. Bah Humbug. It sucks not to have anyone to spend this day with. But, I occupied myself with other things to keep my mind off the matter.

I was able to pack three boxes worth of stuff to take it over to the house, PLUS, a computer. That's the one good thing about today! I took my Macintosh OS X box to the house so I could finally have a computer that I could use. Darrick took me off the 'acceptable users' list of his computer. *smirk*. I was also able to take one of three bookshelves with me, so I can start putting up my gaming books. I'll be using those more often than not since I'm still gaming. The other books can wait.

My God! You can't imagine how much more space my room in Centreville seems to have even with a tiny little bookcase missing from it! It's amazing, but then my room at the farm has always seemed crowded. 29 years worth of stuff, give or take, is crammed into that room. I try to keep everything in there, where possible. I can't imagine how I'm going to stand going from a LARGE old farmhouse bedroom, to a tiny modern day bedroom. Bah! I guess I'll manage. Worse comes to worse I'll claim the guest bedroom at the house for mine as well, and tell Darrick to deal.

It's good to have a computer, even if I'm using AOL to connect. Bah. Hopefully the cable company will make up it's mind soon and we'll get cable service. Stupid Comcast. I guess they just don't want the business since they can't seem to understand that people in our area have comcast services. Double Bah!


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