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Packing Progress

There were some minor distractions tonight. Went to Uhaul and got some boxes. Felt I needed them and didn't plan far enough ahead to ask some stores. After getting them, realized maybe I didn't need so many of them. Oh well, they'll be handy to have in storage if I don't need to use them for when I accumulate stuff later. After Uhaul, had to get the daily TV shows out of the way or I'd be somewhat cranky. They're my crack addiction, now that I have TiVo and can watch them on my own terms. My terms are right when I get home. If I don't they'll back up and that just doesn't do, really. After I watched my daily shows, I did some packing until Smallville came on. Paused for that.

While watching Smallville tried to devise a plan for packing the rest of my stuff. Packing books in the bottoms of most boxes helps allievate the way too heavy box syndrome, adding lighter stuff on top to make the boxes manageable. Most books will be coming with me as most of them tend to fit on the four book shelves I have. Though, not all shelves will be coming with me.

Came to the conclusion that I don't have as much stuff as I feared. This is good. I somehow thought I had a whole hidden swarm of things hiding. My desk was cleaned out the other day -- though I still need to sort through some of that stuff. The trash of piled up unwanted mail being some of that stuff that needs to get sorted. I hate, hate, hate companies that send me things ot entice me to apply, wasting paper, because I never give them a second glance really. They just get heaped somewhere. Cleaned out the top dresser drawer next to my desk that holds my TV. That held all crafting supplies. Cleaned out my back walk-in closet -- though half that stuff got shoved in my room to be sorted. Some of it was more books -- computer books and crossword puzzles and the like. Clothes from that are all packed up, except for what I need for the next few days. Sorry fellas, that means all skirts and dresses are all tucked away. Besides. Brr! Too cold for that stuff now -- though sadly they were neglected and hardly ever worn this summer.

All in all, not a bad night. I managed to pack 4 more boxes. Tomorrow I'll spend all day packing up everything else -- making sure all kitcheny things are cleaned up and put away, and carefully put back into their original boxes -- I saved all of those for just this reason, to have the right packaging for them.

Tomorrow I may also do a storage unit run -- to put away some of the things that I know I can carry in my car there -- boxes, smaller bookshelves, etc. Possibly will stop by Nancy's and drop stuff off. I donno yet. Don't want t moake too many runs out there, or over exert myself to the point of being useless on Saturday. The storage unit is an inside unit -- with an elevator, and they have hand carts to pull stuff back and forth. This is good. No stairs. Nancy's place -- stairs, so that's a bit trickier.

Getting a little more excited about things. Looking forward to spending time with the kitty, who's now named Flash instead of Mischief. Flash just seems more fitting for her more and more I hear about her. Though, her nickname is Satan or Child of Satan, according to Nancy and Scott - her husband. Will post pictures once I get the computer and net and such up and running.

More later!!


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