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Getting Settled

These past two weeks I've been working on getting settled into my new living space. When I get a chance I'll show pictures of my new room, but until I get everything unpacked and cleaned up the way I'd like, that's not going to happen. Right now, the room is a sty because I've been putting off unpacking the rest of my stuff.

So far, everything there has been pretty great. Nancy and her husband have been very accomodating. They've made me feel very welcome and are often considering me for the changes that they make in their household, such as making sure I have a DirectTV box so I can continue to watch TV in my room when they cancel cable, etc. They don't have to do these things, but they are -- and that makes they very, very wonderful people, especially as it is generally at no extra cost for my living there.

Then, of course, there is the fact that they can also feed my pinball addiction. They own two pinball machines, Fast Getaway and The Flinstones. Nancy bought these last year, one for herself and one as a gift for her husband. I tried them out the other night when they were away at a bonfire. Yay pinball! I could easily find myself very hooked to the end of one of those machines and play for hours -- but I was being sensible for the first try and not playing too long. The thing I find most disappointing about arcades these days is that they neglect the pinball addicts. Not everything is about being a first person shooter. Bleh. Give me something with a real challenge and the need for a skill in something other than pointing and shooting. I am a dinosaur, I think. Double bleh :)

I keep procrastinating in the unpacking. I think the only reason what I had left stuffed in the car got unpacked is because I wanted it cleaned out before going to Virginia this past weekend. I didn't want to carry it up there, and even still there's stuff in the back of the car -- stuff I mean to go into the house once I tear down the other boxes and find places for what's already in there. It's hard to find places for things in a smaller room, but I'm certain I can do it. What I can't find a place for will go into storage -- which is a nice fall back.

Many thanks go out to adamdray, my friend Eric and his wife Debbie and my father and sister for helping me move on moving day. Without them I'm sure I would have killed myself moving stuff 10 times over. They made things much, much easier, and were very helpful. To reward them, I took them Adam, my father and sister to lunch afterwards. Eric and Debbie had to leave early because they had their neice with them and were babysitting.

I'm definitely going to need to work on the unpacking though. Starting to feel a bit claustropobic with the boxes hanging about. I'll be glad once that is done. Yes yes.

Oh, and the kitty seems to love my room most of all, which is both endearing and trying. She's a frisky little thing, as some people can attest to the wounds they saw this weekend on my right arm, left arm and right leg. But, she has her good moments. Yesterday afternoon she was very good and left me alone while I slept, though last night she was being her devlish self and wanted to attack me when I wanted to go to bed. She's slowly starting to calm down some -- but I think we've got a long road ahead of us still.



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