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I Can't Believe We Burned a Chair!!

Yes, that's right. We burned a chair! Er... to be exact... there's more to the story than that....

Once upon a time, electricsoup and her husband megachris had a Halloween Party. People came from far and wide, from Micigan to Texas, to travel to this party and see everyone and dress up and have fun... It was a great party, with lots of friends, laughter and overall fun.... but on with the story.... (grins).

Saturday was Misty and Chris's annual Halloween Party. I had an absolute blast there. It's always fun going over there and spending time with friends, and I look forward to going when I'm invited. Lots of people were there this year, and I think by far this has been the largest Halloween Party of theirs that I've been to.

Long story short... sometime during the night I managed to steal dpassomr's chair out on the patio, which was nestled snugly by the pitfire that they had going outside for those who wanted to enjoy some fresh air. The chair had already lost an arm by the time that I got to it, and I realized that leaning back was not a good idea. Christo encouraged me to try again, and against my better judgement I did. Er! The chair naturally broke.

We told Chris and he said to burn it, so we did. The day after, many of us were saying we couldn't believe we burned a chair.

That wasn't the highlight of the evening, mind you. Getting to spend the time that I did with everyone that I've missed over the last few weeks or months or however long it has been has been great, good for the soul and muchly needed.

Misty and Chris! Thank you so much for the wonderful party! It was lots of fun and I'm already looking forward to next year's.


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Nov. 1st, 2005 01:38 pm (UTC)
heh - there are still unburnt peices of chair sticking out of the firepit. i must take photos ;)

you're very welcome - we're so glad you could come! :)
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