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The only reason I'm going home for Thanksgiving weekend is so I can spend time with my father and sister. He called last night. He's working Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Saturday. If I'm lucky, I /might/ get to see him for some of the time I'll be there.

Disappointed? Yes. Very. I was looking forward to spending time at home. Now, not so much. I suppose on the flip side I will get to spend some time with my baby. Goldie. My cat I left behind with my father. I miss him.

I am seriously thinking of taking Flash home that weekend to introduce her to her "family" and maybe so she can learn some abject feline lessons. I doubt it'll go over too well between her and the other two cats, but a person can hope right? Maybe she'll get jealous and want my attention? Doubtful, but again one can hope.

I suppose I can rest easy in that it'll be a 4 day weekend, and one that is muchly needed. I keep talking myself out of taking a day off here or there so I can make sure I get my full vacation Christmas week. I'll have the Friday before Christmas off and go back to work the Tuesday after New Years. We get both holiday Mondays off because the holidays fall on a weekend this year. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do during that week. I'd like to go and do something, but I fear that it'll just be spent loafing between my father's house and Nancy's.

I would have rather saved the week to do something nice and special, but they don't let us carry over any vacation time at work. It's use it or lose it. Oh well.


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